Beam me up Scotty.

I’m going to be honest.  Do I think phone photography is going to change the world completely for the best?  Probably not, no.  But do I believe it can bring people closer together?  Yes, for sure.
Half a year ago I started using Instagram (an App) for the iPhone.  It’s a very nice tool to get your pictures out on the web in just a click.  Once uploaded, your picture can be viewed all around the world and anyone can comment on it.  For me personally it has made the distance feel shorter between me and my family and friends back in Belgium and throughout the U.S.
My Instagram account:
Some examples of pictures I have posted on Instagram to share with family and friends:
Time it used to take to share a message in history between the East and West Coast: 
You can clearly notice that the time it takes today – an average of 23 msec – is nothing compared to a 6 months voyage in the 18th century to send a message.
Phone photography brings closeness through: 
  • making sharing pictures with friends and family all over the world a lot easier than in the past.
  • there is no need to be a professional to make a great picture, it’s simple and easy to do and the result looks great, there is less pressure involved for the average user to make and share pictures.
  • with about 15 million Instagram users you can reach as small or as big of an audience you want and create new contacts and or friends.
  • using Apps like Instagram, (phone) photography becomes interactive because  your audience can instantly comment and there can be a conversation about the photo.
To conclude I’d like to share the top 5 camera Apps for the iPhone with you, who knows maybe you’ll want to experiment with some of these yourself: 
  1. Instagram
  2. Camera+
  3. Big Lens
  4. 360 Panorama
  5. Hipstamatic
Links to other related sources:
Free Instagram App:
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About Veerle H.

From the land of waffles and chocolate, but living in sunny Cali now. With a passion for people and kids photography.
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